About Us

We are a company with more than 10 years experience and expertise in providing top notched and quality subscription-based IPTV channels and set top boxes for interactive television services the world at large.

Our Mission

The provision of top notched and Freeze-free Android and IPTV set top boxes, affordable IPTV channel streams, best suited to the needs of all. Everything we do is geared at satisfying our end-users throughout UK, USA, Europe, Canada, Africa, Gulf, Asia, Americas et al.

Our Vision

A world where technology, leisure and entertainment are interwoven through high-quality technological advancement that is affordable to all irrespective of geography and financial fire-power. We provide the best IPTV channel subscriptions today.

Our Goals

A few years ago, we realized our technological entertainment advancement goals and mission of being the best in the industry resonated with many clients and we're not stepping back.  

Our Team

Picture of Bernard Connan

Bernard Connan

IPTV Software Lead Engineer

Bernard comes with 13 years experience in IPTV software engineering and has worked in South Korea, China, New York, UK in shaping the entertainment industry. Presently leading the development team in China.

Picture of Daniela Makola

Daniela Makola

IPTV Server Architect

Daniela has displayed analytical talents over the years while at RealFreeTV and changed the way we stream TV for the best. Born in London and a mom of two. In 2007, she was the developer for a Financial institution in Japan.

Picture of Antonio Jakoski

Antonio Jakoski

Hair Coloring Technician

Jakoski is the is the founder and CEO at RealFreeTV.Inc. Trained as a science teacher in Russia. Switched to software/hardware development in the 1990s. He is an internationally acclaimed well respected digital communications specialist.

Open Positions

Software Engineer

Minimum 10 Years
Send CV to sales@realfreetv.net
Age: 28 - 47 years (Equal opportunity employer)
The right candidates will have knowledge and experience of and be interested in developing software for communication products, and would ideally have extensive experience and expertise in developing software and hardware.

Which skills are required to be considered for these key position? 

- A specialist and technical skills or a mathematics degree and software engineering experience
- Software/hardware design and development in both of the following; C# , C++ , Java , Embedded C
- An awareness and excellent knowledge of embedded design and development
- Sound knowledge and experience in Cloud and Security technologies

WIFI development Specialist

Minimum of 7 yrs experience
Send CV to sales@realfreetv.net
Age: 28 - 47 years (Equal opportunity employer)
This position would suit someone with an electronic design and or communications development engineer with 7 years experience interested in a technically dynamic role within an ever-growing, successful corporation where product design is at the forefront. Great opportunity for progression awaits the right candidate.
The Person:

* Robust experience and expertise in designing communication firmware
* 7 years experience designing communication products
* A degree from a top-tier university in an electronics engineering or science discipline
* Excellent written and verbal English