Smart OTT Android TV Box With Quad Core Processor

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smart tv box x95 pro OTT quard core

Smart TV X95 Pro OTT Box – Android TV Quad Core MXQ Media Play With Kodi

Smart TV Android Box X95 Pro OTT MXQ with a quad-core processor media player, when combined with Kodi, it becomes the most affordable smart tv box for every home and or office. Smart TV OTT Android TV Box comes with a quad-core processor built on Android 6.0 and Amlogic’s S912 Octa-core with 64 Bit.

The demand for Android TV in on the rise on a day by day basis as consumers are increasingly becoming aware of the vast benefits that come with these Android powered devices. Android TV set top boxes are being welcomed by many homes wanting to cut down on paying exorbitant bills to media hub entertainment providers around the world.

This signals the dead of TV provision companies around the world. This approach is highly driven by the cost of purchasing an Android-powered TV box with prices ranging from £34.00 to £100s depending on the key features such as ram, space, wifi, Bluetooth and so on. In general, the primary power behind the vast consumption of Android TV boxes is highly driven by Kodi.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is an application for streaming TV and other mediums via the internet. Kodi is being engineered by open source and partly sponsored by Google and individuals alike. It is being designed and developed with home entertainment in mind. Kodi is perfect and if not excellent for those into Soaps, movies, sports, films and games playing.

Kodi was created as a plugin for the Microsoft Xbox with the name Xbox media player (XBMC) and it has apparently become a powerful tool for smart tv boxes. Its development has continued to grow and there seem to be no stopping building a fan-base and community of its own. XMBC foundation is the non-profit organization responsible for ramping up this development through a mirage of coders from around the world since its inception in 2003. It has also been translated into various languages with more than 200 translators

With many add-ons and builds available through its platform and Google play store, customizing Kodi to meet personal needs and aspirations is a simple as it sounds. The one good thing to note is that; most of these add-ons are free. Presently, one can download and install Kodi on his or her laptop, smart TV, smart tv box (Android), Amazon fire-stick, Android tablets.

Why is Kodi needed by smart X95 Pro OTT TV set top box?

The combination of Kodi and smart OTT TV turns it into a powerful and versatile media hub for advanced entertainment without the huge costs one would normally get through TV provider. Again, with Kodi, streaming media over the Internet or other home networks is the main driver of the huge demand and consumption. Unlike other streaming applications from Apple and Amazon, where licensing is at the forefront, Kodi is completely free without such licensing laws giving you the opportunity to various community-developed applications for your personal entertainment.

X95 Pro OTT Set Top Android TV Box And IPTV streaming

This box is a powerful tool for watching thousands of live TV channels through an IPTV provider. According to our tests and experience with other Android smart TV boxes, this one is quite superior in many ways. The first and most thing to take into account is the fact that it does not freeze as many smart tv boxes do. It is quite smooth and does not over overheat. Therefore, failure to pick one of this smart tv box home is a mistake. What matters is the source of your purchase. Hundreds of companies in China and Asia are in the business of manufacturing these box. Only a few implement quality assurances processes in their manufacturing process.

All Android smart tv boxes in our shop have gone through a robust quality testing processes implemented by some of the best engineers in the world having worked in top industries in the UK, Germany, USA, Japan and China. Shop with confidence



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