X95 Pro OTT Quad Core Android Player

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Android 6.0 X95 PRO OTT Quad Core Android Player

X95 Pro OTT Quad Core Android Player with KODI is a fantastic and amazing award winning Android set-top TV box for home entertainment that is revolutionizing the digital TV industry and we watch movies, news, sports, soaps and more irrespective of geography. With Kodi on this X95 Pro media player, you can play almost all videos, music, podcasts, video and other files many media platforms on the Internet.

In addition to the availability of Kodi on your X95 Pro, you could also install different types and kinds of Kodi Add-ons on your box and the Addons work in a similar way to Apps from Google Play Store.

Our latest x95 Pro Android IPTV Kodi box is set for entertainment, manufactured with quality in mind to be the best, resilient and to be your ultimate home mate for all forms of entertainment including;

  • Watching your tube
  • Playing games online
  • Watching live tv programs
  • Streaming music and video
  • And much more

This Amlogic Android TV box comes with a powerful and zapping processor and 16GB of hard-drive. The Android TV box is quite unique and a most have for every modern home. X95 Pro is wireless and has Bluetooth to make your life as easy as possible. When connected through WIFI to your home’s Internet Hub, you can download all sorts of Apps and Video with lightening speed.

If you are from Europe, UK, USA or Canada, then it is time to ring your Sky provider and tell them the words “You are fired”. Why pay exorbitant costs to watch live TV when you could have it for less than half the cost? Another similar product is Android X92 smart tv box with similar features for you to explore.

As we also supply more than 3000 channels of IPTV channels, our goal is to make life easier for our customers by giving them 50% off the price of out IPTV channel subscription when their buy any of Android TV set top boxes.

Amlogic X95 Pro is a high-performance set-top box loaded with Kodi and it is also 4k ready which means if you are on one of the latest Samsung TVs, you are just spot on for a good time to enjoy your favorite programs in high definition

Without a doubt, this Android tv box will blow your mind with satisfaction. Setting it up is as easy as 1+1. It comes with an instruction manual for your convenience.

X95 Pro OTT Quad Core Android Player Packing:

  1. 1 power charger
  2. 1 X95 Pro TV box
  3. 1 Remote
  4. 1 USB
  5. user manual
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