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H96 Pro Smart TV Box

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Amlogic H96 Pro TV set top box comes fully loaded with Kodi, WIFI, Bluetooth and 2GB memory and 16GB ram. It’s very sleek with limitless capabilities. Octa core processor is so powerful that this Android set top box will handle anything thrown at it.


Amlogic H96 Pro Smart TV Box

Amlogic H96 Pro smart TV box with 2GB memory and 16GB ram, is a most have for anyone looking for a blazing-fast set-top TV box with unlimited capabilities and features. Forget about cables and wires as this smart box for streaming LIVE TV channels comes with a built-in WIFI and Bluetooth.

With 2GB of memory, you will undoubted open apps in less than a second of a minute. If you have used set-top TV boxes in the past, then, this Amlogic H96 Pro will put your previous set-top box to shame. Amlogic H96 Pro is the epitome of live streaming TV boxes anywhere in the world with its S912 Octa-core CPU, you are ready for a fantastic and unique experience.

Full Android Experience With Amlogic H96 Pro Smart TV Box

Unlike other Amlogic Android smart TV Boxes that have limitations when it comes to downloading and running apps like Kodi, M3u due to limited space on the hard-drive and because of lack of compatibility, with Amlogic H96 Pro Smart TV box, you will have access to download apps from Google play store into your media as the need be. Another example that is a brother to this set top box is H96 pro plus Android set top box.

The hard-drive has a massive storage space with a memory of 2GB for fast streaming making H96 pro smart TV box, one of the most robust set-top boxes in the world manufactured with the consumer in mind. For that reason, it will play almost all major codecs available in the market today.

Put your feet, get a can or a glass of wine and get set for real entertainment with our state-of-the-art H96 pro smart Android TV box designed and quality-tested for the UK, Europe, USA and Canadian consumers.

Products Packaged for delivery to your door. Below is exactly what will be delivered to your doorsteps in a sealed box.

  • 1 Amlogic H96 Pro Amlogic Android Box
  • 1 remote control
  • 1 HDMI cable
  • 1 user manual
  • 1 power charge

We offer fast delivery and an excellent customer service round the clock 24/7. Immediate delivery as soon as your received. Billing address is the delivery address if not contact us making placing an order.

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