Nine months IPTV Channel Subscription – Full HD Premium Smart IPTV Streams

Nine (9) Months IPTV channel subscription streaming exceptionally full HD premium smart IPTV streams like Porn channels, Live Football matches, Soaps, News rounds, National geography, Movies, VOD and much more from 6000+ channels of smart TV. With a 9 month IPTV channels subscription, no other streaming box is required for your home entertainment initiative. Watch more than 6000 smart IPTV channels and 5000+ Video On Demand (VOD) without any extra costs whatsoever.

We pride our initiative in providing some of the best quad-core streaming IPTV channel servers for your home entertainment. We want to give you and your family a spectacular experience where you can watch thousands of streaming IPTV channels without any issues with freezing. Freezing channels does not provide to clients a good user experience and that is where we come in. You can stream IPTV channels in various languages like; Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, German, Russian, Urdu, Hindu, Africaans, Portugues, Dutch and much more

Reasons to buy this 9 months Smart IPTV channel subscription

Why are you interested in having 9 month IPTV Channel subscription rather than a one-year subscription? The good thing about Real Free TV is that there is no upper or lower class for channel subscription. You can subscribe to 1, 3, 6, 9 and 12 month smart IPTV channel packages. Even with our nine-month IPTV subscription, we still do not tie you to a contract. You are free to leave any time of your choosing. However, each month where our IPTV Channels have been used, we will deduct that amount and give you the balance in a scenario where you intend to leave. We are absolutely different and below are the reasons for you to buy our smart IPTV subscription channels.

  • No more expensive cable bills
  • Watch over 6000 ordinary and premium IPTV channels
  • Best price in the market (act while there is still time)
  • Over 5000+ VOD & Movies
  • 99% uptime servers
  • Load balancing servers
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • No buffering and freezing channels
  • Channels work with IPTV Smarters and IPTV Smarters Pro
  • Works on Smart TV, Mag, Smartphone, Laptops, Windows, Linus, IOS etc

Recommended List of Apps for Streaming Smart IPTV channels

These are smart IPTV channel streaming Apps we have tried and tested in tandem with other industry experts and partners wanting to provide a better user experience to IPTV clients. I will urge all our smart IPTV channels, subscribers, to download either of these Apps for a spectacular TV experience. Premium channels are better with m3u or IPTV smarters or IPTV smarters Pro. The apps below have developed for people using smartphones, iPhones, smart TVs, Laptops, PCs and more

Android Smartphone users

  • Lxtream player – An IPTV player that works with any IPTV service provision
  • IPTV smarters – An IPTV player that works with every device
  • Deploy IPTV Smarters Pro – A media player app for Android Phone, TV and tablets. Its all about android development
  • Gse Smart IPTV is another powerful App – Works with Apple TV or Mac OSX

iPhone users (IOS Devices)

  • Go for IPTV smarters Player – IOS and Android IPTV player
  • Use Smart IPTV – Works with all smart IPTV enabled TVs

Smart TV Users – Samsung, LG, Sony Et al

  • Use Smart IPTV – Inbuilt with 99.99% of all smart TV
  • Try SS IPTV – A free multi=pupose TV player for streaming local media and through the Internet.
  • Or VLC – Open source free multimedia player that plays multimedia files as well as Audio, DVDs, CDs, VCD and other streaming protocols
What is next?

Time to subscribe and have a wonderful 6000 IPTV channels for your entertainment experience at home with family members for the cost of a pint during a night out.