Downloads For Smart TV Set Top Boxes and IPTV

This is no form or shape a recommendation to the highlighted Apps below. Secondly, we are neither affiliated or associated with Apps developers nor do we have any form of shared interests. Downloading any of the apps below is at your own risk. They are examples of the apps we have found that work well with the Smart TV boxes we supply. Since our set-top boxes come with Kodi preinstalled, the below apps are simply Addons that could extend your Kodi to another level.

If you are someone who enjoys watching loads of films and movies then Kodi is right for you. With Kodi, comes limitless opportunities when it comes to home entertainment from around the world. However, Kodi is an open source software which means you could manipulate with it to meet your personal needs provided you have programming knowledge and the skills to do so. Kodi is designed and developed with home entertainment in mind by some of the best open source software engineers in the world.

All the apps are downloadable from Google play store UK. They are all free to download apps. However, there are also premium apps that you could download from Google play store but will have to pay.

Kodi Addons