Fully Loaded IPTV Android Boxes in the UK

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Are fully loaded IPTV Android boxes in the UK illegal?

Do you know if fully loaded IPTV android boxes in the UK are illegal? The obvious answer is yes. However, the box itself is not illegal. It becomes illegal once it’s been fully loaded giving viewers access to pay-to-view content. According to an article on the BBC website published on March 6th, 2017, a UK businessman has just been found guilty by a court for selling fully loaded IPTV boxes to pups at the price of £1000.00 each claiming; they are completely legal. This should act as a warning to anyone tempted to get into this the selling of fully loaded boxes.

The truth is that Android boxes with Kodi are neither illegal as Kodi is an open sources software. It is perfectly okay to install Kodi on your AAndroid set-top TV box for your personal entertainment.

A 65year old man known as Malcolm Mayes from Hartlepool in England, the perpetrator who sold fully loaded Android TV boxes was ordered to pay £250,000 in charges and fees. He had adapted these boxes with a third party software and accepted wrong-doing when probed in court about breaching copyrights laws.

Eventually, he received two ten month sentences suspended for one year. This is simply because he pleaded guilty to his breaching copyrights law else he would have been banged-up. This should act as a serious warning to would-be sellers of such boxes though some people might not be aware the selling of fully loaded IPTV set-top boxes is illegal.

With a non-fully-loaded IPTV set-top box, the owner can then legally subscribe to the right media channels for his or her TV package. However, if they did not want to, then, there are also legal apps in Google play store to offer them the free and paid Apps for the kind of entertainment that meets individual needs. There are thousands of Apps out there to help you avoid a jail term.

As you have fully witnessed through this post, we do not sell IPTV channel-fully-loaded IPTV smart boxes. All our boxes are legal.