Android X96 smart TV box

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Android X96 smart tv box

Why is Android x96 smart TV box considered by thousands?

Amlogic Android X96 smart TV box is a media hub professionally crafted by some of the best engineers with knowledge and insight into the needs of the consumers. The box is engineered to meet the needs of every homeowner who enjoys trendy and top-of-the-range leisure and entertainment goods. Android X96 smart TV set top box ticks all the goodies every TV-owner wants. We will be talking about the goodies later on down the post.

Android TV box X96 is built on Android 6.0 marshmallow together with Amlogic S905X quad core with ram ranging from 1-6GB and the hard drive ranging between 8-64GB. It has a powerful WiFi and Bluetooth and was one of the first smart tv box to incorporate wifi and Bluetooth. This media hub has revolutionized the way we watch TV as specially designed software stops channels from freezing while in action. The latest versions are 4k ready meaning you can now enjoy HD with ease. It’s real value for money.

It also works together with Kodi, M3U, Roku and many other software giving you ample opportunities for the perfect entertainment with hefty costs. Through Google play store, your opportunities are limitless with thousands of freely distributed apps and as well paid-for to extend the functionality of this robust and a must-have Android smart tv box. Kids nowadays own the TV in every living room and as such, this Android set-top tv box through Google play store has something different and special for every kid of all ages.

Realistically, who wants to seat in front of the TV when it constantly freezes? Who does not like the opportunity of diverse sources of streaming media? This is where Amlogic X96 smart TV box becomes a powerful agent in our lives. Are we saying there are non-other comparable media hubs out there? Certainly not! There is Infomir with HQ in Germany and they are doing a good job equally. However, we have run tests to between Mag 245/256 and Amlogic X96 smart TV box and found that; X96 smart TV box performed far better than the latter.

Some TV manufacturers like LG, Samsung, Sony and Sharp are responding positively with the Android revolution by manufacturing Android driven TV sets. Google has also been at the forefront of Android development, launching a fierce struggle against Apple’s monogamy and has won a significant share of the market ever since 2011 I suppose.

Google has also launched an Android TV app that allows you to use your iPhone as a remote control to your Android TV. Kodi is also part of Google’s Android arsenal.

Amlogic’s Android smart TV box X96 comes with apps providing resources to search for games, movies, shows, soaps and apps simply by using text or the voice search that is built-in into your Android apps engineered by Google. This is one of the reasons Android X96 smart TV box is sort after by many in the world. It is quite robust with quality assurance carried out by experts from UK, Japan, China and USA.


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Android X96 smart TV box
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